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In the upcoming days, I will be sending you a much longer post explaining my “whys” for going on this public creative journey. My choice of mediums will be writing on this website and YouTube videos to compliment those writings. Maybe even a little podcast? 🤷

Get on with it…
To give you the TL;DR version of that upcoming post:

  • I want to find missing blocks in what I know, what I think, who I am and who I want to be… or not be. I believe writing and creative hobbies help with that
  • I want to do that by providing some sort of value to make it worth it for you, the reader, because I understand that what I am asking of you is your most valuable resource: your time
  • I want to exchange ideas with people from different backgrounds
  • I want to move more into creating and further away from consuming
  • Three of my grandparents that raised me passed away; that played a part in this whole thing which I plan on diving deeper when I write out my “why”
  • Potentially meeting more cool people and finding more of my people
  • Have some fun

The only thing I ask of you as the reader, is to give it a few posts to see if you truly enjoy what you read and see.

If not, I urge you to unsubscribe. The last thing I want to do is waste your time.

Thank you for joining me on this public journey and I hope to hear back you.

Arbri Shameti